Study on casting roll during twin-roll casting of thin strip



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Zhang, X. M., Jiang, Z. Y., Wei, D. W., Liu, X. H. and Wang, G. D. (2010). Study on casting roll during twin-roll casting of thin strip. A. Morton and J. Nie In 7th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing, 2-6 August 2010, Cairns, Australia. Materials Science Forum, 654-656 1602-1605.


In twin-roll thin strip casting, the temperature of casting roll affects the roll thermal stress, and influences the thermal deformation, the generation of roll surface cracks, the strip shape and the service life of casting roll. In this paper, the features of the casting roll materials have been analysed, the effects of the clad materials and thickness on temperature field of the casting roll have been simulated and discussed. The developed temperature model of casting roll is helpful in optimising processing parameters and the design of casting roll during twin-roll thin strip casting.

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