Strip profile control in asymmetrical rolling by FEM modeling



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Zhang, X., Jiang, Z., Du, X., Wang, X. and Yang, Q. (2010). Strip profile control in asymmetrical rolling by FEM modeling. Advanced Materials Research, 97-101 2955-2960.


Asymmetrical rolling is usually used on some special rolling produce. It offers lower rolling pressure, more reduction and better crystallographic textures. In recent years asymmetrical rolling has become more important due to realization of improved properties of the strip. In this paper, a elasto-plastic finite element method code has been developed to simulate the asymmetrical rolling of strip, considering unequal roll radii, unequal speed ratio between the upper roll and lower roll, different exit thickness and different reduction. Meanwhile, The profile, crown and edge drop of strip, as well distribution of front tensile stress were discussed in different rolling process. It makes better preset values for the online control system and good results was obtained.

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