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Aziz, N. I., Sereshki, F., Bruggemann, D. and Porter, I. (2005). Parameters affecting mine gas drainage and outburst control research. In A. Onur and M. Tanriverdi (Eds.), Proceedings of the 19th International Mining Congress and Fair of Turkey (pp. 339-346). Turkey: Kozan Ofset Matbaacilik.


Removing gases form mine environment represents the most important challenge that any mine operator is faced with. The ease with which the challenge is met and addressed depends on better understanding of the various parameters. Coal permeability and porosity is one of the key factors affecting the drainability of the coal. Coal matrix structure and coal mineralization provide a key to various issues related to effective drainage. Abnormal geological intrusions such as faults and dykes are likely to adversely affect the drainability of the coal seam. A combination of coal permeability, volumetric matrix change and petrography studies has been found to provide a new methodology in determining the ease with which a coal seam can be drained particularly with respect to geologically difficult sites. Various methodologies and techniques are described to provide the latest of research currently been pursued at the University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia, which is now providing a clear direction to predicting the drain ability of gassy coal seams.

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