A Poisson-based Methodology For Deformable Object Simulation



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Zhong, Y., Shirinzadeh, B., Alici, G. and Smith, J. (2008). A Poisson-based Methodology For Deformable Object Simulation. International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 28 (2), 156-164.


This paper presents a new methodology for the deformation of soft objects by drawing an analogy between Poisson equation and elastic deformation. The potential energy stored in a soft body as a result of a deformation caused by an external force is propagated among mass points by Poisson equation. The novelty of the methodology is that Poisson-based techniques are established to propagate the energy generated by the external force and to extrapolate the internal forces of a deformed object. A cellular neural network model is established to solve the Poisson model for the real-time requirement of soft object deformation. This proposed methodology not only deals with large-range deformations, but also accommodates isotropic, anisotropic and inhomogeneous materials by simply modifying constitutive coefficients.

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