An influence function method analysis of cold strip rolling



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Jiang, Z. Y., Wei, D. and Tieu, A. K. (2008). An influence function method analysis of cold strip rolling. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 22 (31-32), 5728-5733.


An influence function method has been developed to simulate the asymmetric cold rolling of thin strip with work roll kiss at edges. The numerical simulation model was obtained based on the deformation compatibility of the roll system in rolling and lateral directions. The strip plastic deformation has been considered in the formulation, which is significantly different from the traditional theory of metal rolling. The rolling mechanics and crown of the strip with work roll edge kiss, which are new findings for cold rolling of thin strip, are obtained. A comparison of the rolling force, roll edge kiss force and the strip crown after rolling has been conducted for various cross shear regions in the roll bite. Results show that the calculated strip crown is in good agreement with Ameasured value, and the rolling force and strip crown decrease with an increase of cross shear regions, as well as the work roll edge kiss force and edge wear decrease. The friction also has an influence on the profile of the rolled thin strip.

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