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Aziz, N. I. and Jalalifar, H. (2007). Experimental and numerical study of double shearing of bolt under confinement. In S. S. Peng, C. Mark, G. Finfinger, S. Tadolini, A. W.. Khair, K. Heasley and Y. Luo (Eds.), 26th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining (pp. 242-249). Morgantown, WV, USA: 26th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining.


The shear behaviour of reinforced rock joints is investigated for the bolt-grout-rock interaction and for failure mechanism. The effectiveness of the bolt application under lateral and axial loading conditions within surrounding materials is investigated in different medium strength. Double shearing testing of bolts were studied in concrete blocks of 20, 40, 50 and 100 MPa strengths, subjected to different pretension loads of 0, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 80 KN respectively. The experimental study was complemented with three-dimensional numerical analysis. Parameters examined include: shear resistance, shear displacement, induced strains and stresses during bolt bending process and its ultimate failure across the sheared joint planes. The conclusions drawn from the study were; the level of bolt resistance to shearing was influenced by the bolt profile configuration, the strength of the rock or medium influenced the level of load generated on the bolt, and the increase in bolt pretension has contributed to the increased shearing load of the bolted medium.

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