Titania nanotube supported tin anodes for lithium intercalation



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Zhao, Z., Guo, Z., Wexler, D., Ma, Z., Wu, X. and Liu, H. K. (2007). Titania nanotube supported tin anodes for lithium intercalation. Electrochemistry Communications, 9 (4), 697-702.


A new type of nanostructured titania nanotube supported tin anode was prepared for lithium ion batteries. The as-prepared titania nanotubes are in the anatase phase with diameters of about 12 nm. Tin nanoparticles are dramatically decorated on the titania nanotubes and have a particle size of about 10 nm. This new structure promises good retention of reversible capacity on cycling for lithium intercalation. By charge/discharge measurements, the reversible capacity of the titania nanotubes supported tin anode for lithiation and de-lithiation was found to be 312 mA h/g (cycled between 0.05 and 2.0 V) and 203 mA h/g (cycled between 0.05 and 1.3 V) after 50 cycles with around 100% columbic efficiency.

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