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Shi, D., Zhu, X., Kim, J., Lei, H., Wang, L., Sun, Y., Zeng, R. and Dou, S. X. (2008). Chemical solution deposition of LaMnO3-based films for coated conductors. In 8th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS 2007), 16-20 September, Brussles, Belgium. Journal of Physics, 97 102054-1-102054-6.


LaMnO3-based films were prepared using the chemical solution deposition method. It was found that the films on perovskite oxide single crystal substrates are highly (h00)-oriented when the annealing atmosphere is oxygen or air; however, when the substrate is yttrium-stabilized ZrO2, only the La1-NmO3 films are highly (h00)-oriented, and other LaMnO3-based films are (110)-oriented. Under a reducing annealing atmosphere, the atmosphere must be wet in order to create a suitable oxygen partial pressure to crystallize the LaMnO3-based films. After annealing under a wet reducing atmosphere the LaMnO3-based films are directly deposited on Ni tapes; however, when SrTiO3-buffered Ni types are used, the LaMnO3 films are (h00)-oriented, which is suitable for subsequent growth of YBCO. The results suggest that it is possible to tune the orientation of buffer layers using suitable templates, which can widen the selection of buffer layers for coated conductors in the all metallorganic deposition approach.

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