Effect of initial crown on shape of hot rolled strip



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Hu, Y., Gong, D., Jiang, Z., Xu, J., Zhang, D. & Liu, X. (2009). Effect of initial crown on shape of hot rolled strip. Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 16 (5), 32-34.


Based on the influence coefficient method, the effect of entry strip crown on the shape of hot rolled strip was analyzed using the software of roll elastic deformation simulation. According to the practical condition of a domestic hot rolled strip plant, the unit strip crown change from the first stand to the last stand was calculated when the entry crown of hot strip varies. The calculated result shows that the entry strip crown does not significantly affect the target strip crown at the exit of the last finishing stand in respect to a fixed strip shape control reference (such as bending force). The calculation was analyzed, and the research is helpful in modeling strip shape setup and shape control.

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