Tribological features of roll surface in cold metal rolling



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Li, H., Jiang, Z., Tieu, A. K., Sun, W., Wei, D. & Zhu, H. (2009). Tribological features of roll surface in cold metal rolling. International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering, 3 (5-6), 407-422.


Cold strip rolling under dry and lubricated conditions was conducted on a new developed mini-mill, which was installed in the Gleeble 3500 Thermo-mechanical Simulator. The surface roughness and Power Spectrum Density (PSD) features of the rolls were analysed. Results show that the lubrication significantly reduces surface roughness of the 4%Cr roll, but has less effect on surface roughness of the 4%Cr with Ti-added roll. The surface deterioration of 4%Cr with Ti-added roll varies significantly with an increase of rolling passes. Asperities on roll surface experience inhomogeneous variation, which indicates the deterioration of surface roughness is different for both roll materials.

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