Effect of asymmetrical stand stiffness on hot rolled strip shape



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Gong, D., Xu, J. & Jiang, Z. (2008). Effect of asymmetrical stand stiffness on hot rolled strip shape. International Journal of Modern Physics B, 22 (31-32), 5734-5739.


The difference of elastic springs between the operating side (OS) and driving side (DS) of rolling mill has a significant influence on the strip shape not just the strip thickness. Based on the slit beam and roll deformation theories, the roll force distribution was analysed considering the asymmetric stiffness of the OS and DS of rolling mill, and the work roll and backup roll deformation equations were deduced respectively, and the thickness distribution in lateral direction of the hot rolled strip at exit was discussed. Using the roll elastic deformation analysis software which was developed previously based on the influence coefficient method, the roll flattening distribution, roll pressure distribution and the rolling force distribution caused by the asymmetric stand stiffness were calculated and analysed, and the exit strip profile of the rolling mill was also presented. The relationship between the mill stiffness difference and the strip wedge shape or single wave was obtained. Effect of the upstream asymmetric mill on strip crown and flatness of the downstream stands was discussed.

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