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Yang, S. & Tan, S. (2008). Flow resistance over mobile bed in an open-channel flow. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 134 (7), 937-947.


This paper deals with the underlying mechanism of flow resistance in an alluvial channel: The effects of sidewall and bed form on flow resistance, Einstein’s divided hydraulic radius approach and Engelund’s energy slope division approach are reexamined. These two approaches assume that the shear stress on a mobile bed is the summation of shear stresses caused by skin friction and bed form. Using a different approach, this paper presents a theoretical relationship between the total bed shear stress with grain and bed-form shear stresses. The contribution of sidewall on the total bed shear stress is also discussed. The writers found that the size of bed form plays a significant role for the flow resistance, and developed relevant expressions for the length of the separation zone behind the bed forms. In addition, a systematical approach has been developed to compute the flow velocity in an alluvial channel. This approach is tested and verified against 5,989 flume and field measurements. The computed and measured discharge/velocity are in good agreement and 83.0% of all data sets fall within the ±20% error band.

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