A magnetic circuits' optimisation algorithm for MR devices



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Grelaud, M., Li, W. H., Kennedy, O. & Michal, G. (2011). A magnetic circuits' optimisation algorithm for MR devices. 15th International Conference on Mechatronics Technology (pp. 1-6). Melbourne: CD.


This paper presents a new algorithm to be used for torque to mass ratio optimisation of a magneto-rheological device. A complex combination of optimisation algorithm and equations based on the magnetic circuit is detailled. It takes into account magnetic saturation properties of the fluid and different parts in a novel way that led to great improvement. While a double loop optimization process allocated to Matlab, Finite Element simulations were conducted on Ansys. The proposed brake illustrates the strength by greatly increasing its performances in terms of resultant torque and material consumption. Compared to market available MR brakes, the torque to mass ratio has more than doubled.

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