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Wang, B., Ma, Z. & Zhang, C. (2011). Nonlinear transverse current response in zigzag graphene nanoribbons. Journal of Applied Physics, 110 (7), 073713-1-073713-4.


By employing a self-consistent approach, we reveal a number of unique properties of zigzag graphene nanoribbons under crossed electric and magnetic fields: (1) a very strong electrical polarization along the transverse direction of the ribbon, and (2) a strong nonlinear Hall current under a rather moderate electrical field. At the field strength of 5000 V/cm, the ratio of the nonlinear current to the linear current is around 1 under an applied magnetic field of 7.9 T. Our results suggest that graphene nanoribbons are an ideal system to achieve a large electrical polarizability. Our results also suggest that the nonlinear effect in graphene nanoribbons has been grossly underestimated without the self-consistent scheme proposed here

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