Analysis of multi-layer sandwich structures by finite element method



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Mathew, N., Jiang, Z. & Wei, D. (2011). Analysis of multi-layer sandwich structures by finite element method. Advanced Science Letters, 4 (8-10), 1-6.


An attempt has been made in optimizing the finite element model based on the non-linear explicit finite element LS-DYNA code to analyse the structural response of a multi-layer thin-walled sandwich structure with square core cells. Virtual testing of impact response is an efficient way to investigate the structural behaviour of sandwich structures. The developed simulation models assist in creating an efficient parametric study. This paper focuses on the structural deformation and the variation of the folding mechanism observed in the different cell structures. The energy absorption of the structures is also discussed in relation to the parametric study with the variation of the number of cells and layers. This study can hence provide a model of the structural deformation response and the energy absorption capability of a multi-layer sandwich structure. The developed models consider a complete mechanical characterisation of cellular core structures, and as well as the detailed cell wall deformation patterns, failure modes and the effect of multiple layers on the energy absorption capability to obtain a better understanding of the deformation behaviours of the structure, which is difficult using solely experimental observations.

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