Effect of maleic anhydride on the damping property of magnetorheological elastomers



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Fan, Y. C., Gong, X. L., Jiang, W. Q., Zhang, W., Wei, B. & Li, W. H. (2010). Effect of maleic anhydride on the damping property of magnetorheological elastomers. Smart Materials and Structures, 19 (5), 1-8.


In this study, maleic anhydride (MA) was selected as the compatibilizer to modify the interfaces of magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) for improving the damping property. Several samples of MREs with different contents of MA were prepared. The content of bound-rubber was measured by the extraction method. The microstructures were observed by using an environmental scanning electron microscope (SEM). The dynamic performances of these samples, including shear storage modulus, loss factor and MR effect were measured with a modified dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA). The tensile strength was tested by using an electronic tensile machine. The experimental results indicate that both the content of bound-rubber and the compatibility between the magnetic particles and rubber matrix were enhanced with the increase of MA. The enhancement of the bond between the two phases resulted in different mechanical properties: the increase of shear storage modulus; the reduction of the loss factor; the stability improvement of the loss factor; the enhancement of the tensile strength; and the reduction of the MR effect.

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