Fabrication of an ammonia gas sensor using inkjet-printed polyaniline nanoparticles



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Crowley, K. H., Morrin, A., Hernandez, A., O'Malley, E., Whitten, P. G., Wallace, G. G., Smyth, M. R. & Killard, A. (2008). Fabrication of an ammonia gas sensor using inkjet-printed polyaniline nanoparticles. Talanta, 77 710-717.


This work details the fabrication and performance of a sensor for ammonia gas analysis which has been constructed via the inkjet-printed deposition of polyaniline nanoparticle films. The conducting films were assembled on interdigitated electrode arrays and characterised with respect to their layer thickness and thermal properties. The sensor was further combined with heater foils for operation at a range of temperatures. When operated in a conductimetric mode, the sensor was shown to exhibit temperature-dependent analytical performance to ammonia detection. At room temperature, the sensor responded rapidly to ammonia (t50 = 15 s). Sensor recovery time, response linearity and sensitivity were all significantly improved by operating the sensor at temperatures up to 80 °C. The sensor was found to have a stable logarithmic response to ammonia in the range of interest (1–100 ppm). The sensor was also insensitive to moisture in the range from 35 to 98% relative humidity. The response of the sensor to a range of common potential interferents was also studied.

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