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Arnold, P. C. (2008). Design of silos for flow and strength - the various contributors must communicate. In J. F.. Chen, J. Y.. Ooi & J. G.. Teng (Eds.), Structures and Granular Solids (pp. 95-101). The Netherlands: CRC Press.


Too often in the design of silo systems for the storage and handling of bulk solids those involved in the various components of the design process do not communicate. The chemical engineers often have a range of desired outcomes that differ from those of the mechanical engineers and the mechanical and structural engineers are often not aiming for the same range of outcomes. Even if all the designers communicate well the overall result may disappoint if the project manager allows significant (but sometimes subtle) design variations during construction. The result can be a system that does not perform well. Had there been some consistent communication between the competing interests throughout the design and construction phases many of the limitations on performance would have been avoided. This paper will highlight some areas where lack of communication can have an adverse effect on good performance.

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