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Hadi, M. N. (2009). Behaviour of eccentric loading of FRP confined fibre steel reinforced concrete columns. Construction and Building Materials, 23 (2), 1102-1108.


This paper presents results of testing 16 specimens, 12 of which as columns under different eccentricitiesand four as beams under four point loading regime. All 16 specimens were circular in cross section andwere made of reinforced concrete. Four specimens served as reference specimens and were just made ofreinforced concrete. The next four specimens were wrapped with carbon fibre reinforced polymers(CFRP). The next four specimens had steel fibres added to the concrete. The final four specimens werereinforced with steel fibres and wrapped with CFRP. From each group of specimens, one specimen wastested as a column under a concentric load, the second specimen was tested as a column under25 mm eccentricity, the third specimen was tested as a column under 50 mm eccentricity, and the finalspecimen was tested as a beam under four point loading regime. The experimental programme provedthat the introduction of fibres as well as wrapping the specimens with FRP improve the properties of concrete,especially its ductility.

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