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Zhu, X., Lei, H., Shi, D., Zhang, L., Wang, L., Sun, Y., Song, W., Dou, S. X., Yang, J. & Gu, H. (2007). Chemical solution deposition of LaMnO3 buffer layers for coated conductors. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 17 (4), 3880-3885.


Chemical solution deposition (CSD) is used to prepare LaMnO3 (LMO) buffer layers on different substrates. The results show that biaxially oriented LMO films can be successfully prepared on single-crystal SrTiO3 (STO) and STO buffered single-crystal LaAlO3 substrates when humid 4%H-2-N-2 annealing atmosphere is used. The orientation of LMO-Ni is (110)-oriented even when the annealing atmosphere is humid 4%H-2-N-2. When CSD-derived STO-Ni is used as a template, biaxially oriented LMO buffer layers with c-axis orientation can be successfully prepared. The results provide an effective route to prepare LMO-based buffer layers using CSD.

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