Supplemental hydraulic dampers for buildings



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Arfiadi, Y. (2005). Supplemental hydraulic dampers for buildings. In B. HV. Topping (Eds.), International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing (pp. 491-492). UK: Civil Comp Press.


For structures that are built in earthquake prone areas, damping is an important component of structures in reducing the response during severe earthquakes. However, the inherent damping in structures is generally low so that supplemental dampers are required in order to reduce the vibration. The dynamic analysis of buildings with a supplemental dampers is considered in this paper. The added damper is connected to the structures through bracing systems using either a V or inverted V shaped bracing. In this case bracings and added dampers are considered as the Maxwell models while the structure are considered as the Kelvin or Voigt model as shown in Figure 204.1. The combined Maxwell and Kelvin or Voigt models act together so that the response of the structure can be reduced.

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