Extrapolated surface dose measurements using a NdFeB magnetic deflector for 6 MV x-ray beams



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Damrongkijudom, N., Butson, M. & Rosenfeld, A. (2007). Extrapolated surface dose measurements using a NdFeB magnetic deflector for 6 MV x-ray beams. Australasian Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine, 30 (1), 46-51.


Extrapolated surface dose measurements have been performed using radiographic film to measure 2-Dimensional maps of skin and surface dose with and without a magnetic deflector device aimed at reducing surface dose. Experiments are also performed using an Attix parallel plate ionisation chamber for comparison to radiographic film extrapolation surface dose analysis. Extrapolated percentage surface dose assessments from radiographic film at the central axis of a 6 MV x-ray beam with magnetic deflector for field size 10 × 10 cm2, 15 × 15 cm2 and 20 × 20 cm2 are 9±3 %, 13±3 % and 16±3 %, these compared to 14±3 %, 19±3 %, and 27±3 % for open fields, respectively. Results from Attix chamber for the same field size are 12±1 %, 15±1 % and 18±1 %, these compared to 16±1 %, 21±1 % and 27±1 % for open fields, respectively. Results are also shown for profiles measured in-plane and cross-plane to the magnetic deflector and compared to open field data. Results have shown that the surface dose is reduced at all sites within the treatment field with larger reductions seen on one side of the field due to the sweeping nature of the designed magnetic field. Radiographic film extrapolation provides an advanced surface dose assessment and has matched well with Attix chamber results. Film measurement allows for easy 2 dimensional dose assessments.

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