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Hadi, M. N. (2007). The behaviour of FRP wrapped HSC columns under different eccentric loads. Composite Structures, 78 (4), 560-566.


The majority of columns are subjected to a combination of an axial load and a bending moment in one or two directions. With a few exceptions, most of the research in the area of FRP wrapped columns have concentrated on the behaviour of concentrically loaded columns. This paper presents results of testing nine reinforced high strength concrete col-umns. The column specimens are circular in shape with 205 mm diameter and 925 mm height. Concrete compressive strength was 65 MPa. All columns were reinforced with steel. Three columns were not wrapped, three columns were wrapped with three layers of carbon FRP and three columns were wrapped with three layers of E-glass FRP. From each of the three groups, one column was tested concentrically, one column was tested with a 25 mm eccentric load and one column was tested with a 50 mm eccentric load. Results of testing the columns have shown that the carbon FRP is most effective in increasing the strength and ductility of columns.

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