Fuzzy Controller for Seismically Excited Nonlinear Buildings

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This article was originally published as: Al-Dawod, M, Samali, B, Kwok, K & Naghdy, F, Fuzzy Controller for Seismically Excited Nonlinear Buildings, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 2004, 130(4), 407-415. Copyright 2004 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The journal homepage is available here.


This paper focuses on the benchmark control problems for seismically excited nonlinear buildings. The benchmark study focuses on three typical steel structures, 3-, 9-, and 20-story buildings designed for the SAC project for the Los Angeles region. This paper reports the application of the active control scheme on the 3- and 20-story benchmark buildings, where the control action is achieved by a fuzzy logic controller. The main advantage of the fuzzy controller is its inherent robustness and ability to handle any nonlinear behavior of the structure. The performance of the controller is validated through the computer simulation on MATLAB. The control scheme satisfies the control constraints and is presented according to the evaluation criteria provided with the benchmark problems for comparison with other schemes. Four different earthquakes (El Centro 1940, Hachinohe 1968, Northridge 1994, and Kobe 1995) will be used in the simulation.

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