Solvothermal synthesis of Mn2P2O7 and its application in lithium-ion battery



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Wang, S., Jiang, X., Du, G., Guo, Z., Jang, J. & Kim, S. (2011). Solvothermal synthesis of Mn2P2O7 and its application in lithium-ion battery. Materials Letters, 65 (21), 3265-3268.


Manganese pyrophosphate, Mn2P2O7 was synthesized by a simple solvothermal method using Mn metal powder and P2S5 in ethylene glycol medium at 190–220 °C. Morphology and crystalline structure of the products were characterized by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The flower-like microspheres with diameters of about 2–5 μm are composed of a number of nanoplatelets with thickness of 20–40 nm. The effect of reaction temperature and reaction time on the microstructure of Mn2P2O7 was investigated. The samples were used as active anode materials for lithium-ion battery and their electrochemical properties were examined by constant current charge–discharge cycling. The Mn2P2O7 electrodes exhibited initial reversible capacities of 440–330 mAh g− 1 depending on the synthetic conditions. From these results, a possible reaction mechanism of Mn2P2O7 with lithium was proposed.

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