A study into bonding within reduced titanomagnetite-coal compacts



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Longbottom, R. J., Monaghan, B. J., Nightingale, S. A. & Mathieson, J. G. (2011). A study into bonding within reduced titanomagnetite-coal compacts. Iron Ore 2011 (pp. 459-469). Carlton, Victoria: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.


In this study the bonding within reduced titanomagnetite-coal compacts was investigated. The aimof the study was to better understand the binding mechanisms in the reduced compacts and, basedon this understanding, to improve on their strength.Titanomagnetite ore was combined with sub-bituminous coal to form compacts. The compactswere then reduced by heating in a thermogravimetric furnace (TGA) to temperatures between1000 - 1300 Degrees C under argon. The reaction progress was monitored by measuring the weight losswith time. The reduced compacts were found to have low strength in compression testing. Themain form of bonding between the reduced titanomagnetite particles in the compact was by theformation of a slag-like material. Increasing the fi nal reduction temperature was found to havea profound effect on the strength of the compacts by promoting the formation of this slag-likematerial.Attempts to improve the strength of the compacts were made by changing two variables, thetype of coal and the addition of rice husks. The addition of coking coal gave reacted samples thathad little strength, while the addition of rice husks may have enhanced the strength of the reducedcompacts.

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Iron Ore 2011 Conference Proceedings

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