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Hargreaves, S., Bignell, L., Lewis, R. A., Schoenherr, D., Saglam, M. & Hartnagel, H. L. (2008). Investigation of p-GaAsSb as a THz Emitter. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 155 (10), H734-H737.


Our purpose was to determine if GaAsSb might be made to emit THz-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Our result is that, with a suitable electric field imposed and under illumination by ultrashort pulses of near-infrared radiation, GaAsSb indeed emits THz radiation. To the best of our knowledge this is the first report of high-temperature-grown GaAsSb acting as a THz source. THz emission has been observed both by incoherent (pneumatic Golay cell) and by coherent (time-domain spectroscopy using electro-optic detection) experimental configurations. Both simple Ag paint and photolithographically formed Au on Ti antenna structures have been found to produce THz radiation. We compare our results with those from the better-known THz emitter, GaAs. In the case of GaAs, THz radiation is emitted even in the absence of applied bias. This is not the case for GaAsSb. We conclude that the photoconductive mechanism dominates in the emission of THz radiation from epitaxial single-crystal GaAsSb. A further proposal is made that such materials can be used with nanostructured surfaces for special THz-emission characteristics.

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