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Ravotti, F., Glaser, M., Rosenfeld, A., Lerch, M. LF., Holmes-Siedle, A. & Sarrabayrouse, G. (2007). Radiation monitoring in mixed environments at CERN: from the IRRAD6 facility to the LHC experiments. IEEE Transaction on Nuclear Science, 54 (4 part 2), 1170-1177.


RadFET and p-i-n diode semiconductor dosimeters from different manufacturers will be used for radiation monitoring at the Experiments of the CERN LHC accelerator. In this work these sensors were exposed over three months in the CERN-IRRAD6 facility that provides mixed high-energy particles at low rates. The aim was to validate the operation of such sensors in a radiation field where the conditions are close to the ones expected inside full working LHC particle detectors. The results of this long-term irradiation campaign are presented, discussed and compared with measurements by other dosimetric means as well as Monte Carlo simulations. Finally, the integration of several dosimetric devices in one sensor carrier is also presented.

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