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Dou, S. X., Shcherbakova, O. V., Yeoh, W., Kim, J., Soltanian, S., Wang, X., Senatore, C., Flukiger, R., Dhalle, M., Husnjak, O. & Babic, E. (2007). Mechanism of Enhancement in Electromagnetic Properties of MgB2 by Nano SiC Doping. Physical Review Letters, 98 097002-1-097002-4.


A comparative study of pure, SiC, and C doped MgB2 wires has revealed that the SiC doping allowed C substitution and MgB2 formation to take place simultaneously at low temperatures. C substitution enhances Hc2, while the defects, small grain size, and nanoinclusions induced by C incorporation and low-temperature processing are responsible for the improvement in Jc. The irreversibility field (Hirr) for the SiC doped sample reached the benchmarking value of 10 T at 20 K, exceeding that of NbTi at 4.2 K. This dual reaction model also enables us to predict desirable dopants for enhancing the performance properties of MgB2.

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