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Alici, G., Liaw, H., Oetomo, D. & Shirinzadeh, B. (2005). Robust Control Framework for Piezoelectric Actuation Systems in Micro/Nano Manipulation. In R. Harris & H. Bradlow (Eds.), Proceedings of the IEEE International Region 10 Conference: Tencon 2005 (pp. 1-6). Australia: IEEE.


Micro/nano manipulation has been identified as one of the key enabling technologies for many emerging challenges. Within this scope, piezoelectric actuators have played major roles in achieving the required nano-resolution motion. This paper proposes a robust control framework for piezoelectric actuation systems to follow specified motion trajectories. The basic concept associated with this methodology lies in the specification of a target performance and the robust control scheme formulation for piezoelectric actuation systems to ensure the convergence of the position tracking error to zero. This control methodology is attractive as its implementation requires only the knowledge of the estimated system parameters and their corresponding bounds, including bound of hysteresis and external disturbances. Feasibility study of the framework for piezoelectric actuation systems in micro/nano manipulation is described. Simulation results validated the suitability of the proposed control approach.

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