Synthesis and electrochemical properties of nanosized carbon-coated Li1-3x La (x) FePO4 composites



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Bao, S., Huang, Y., Guo, Z., Li, D. & Jia, D. Z. (2010). Synthesis and electrochemical properties of nanosized carbon-coated Li1−3x La x FePO4 composites. Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 14 (5), 889-895.


Nanosized carbon-coated Li1−3x La x FePO4 composites were synthesized using a fast, easy, microwave assisted, room-temperature, solid-state method. A lanthanum precursor was used to improve the electronic conductivity of LiFePO4. The particle structure of the as-synthesized samples was observed using transmission electron microscopy. The results indicated that a uniform and continuous carbon layer was formed on the surface of Li1−3x La x FePO4 particles. Electrochemical techniques, such as cyclic voltammetry, charge/discharge test, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy were used to investigate the electrochemical performance of the samples. The results of electrochemical measurements revealed that the carbon coating and lanthanum doping provided an initial discharge capacity of 145 mA h/g with excellent rate capacity and long cycling stability. These advantages, coupled with the low cost, the high thermal stability, and the environmental friendliness of the raw materials, render Li1−3x La x FePO4/C composites attractive for practical and large-scale applications.

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