Amorphization in mechanically alloyed (Ti,Zr,Nb)-(Cu,Ni)-Al equiatomic alloys



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Zhang, L. C., Kim, K. B., Yu, P., Zhang, W. Y., Kunz, U. & Eckert, J. (2007). Amorphization in mechanically alloyed (Ti,Zr,Nb)-(Cu,Ni)-Al equiatomic alloys. Journal of Alloys and Com#163s, 428 (1-2), 157-163.


Phase formation by mechanical alloying in (Ti, Zr, Nb)–(Cu, Ni)–Al equiatomic alloys has been investigated. The structural features and the thermal stability were characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy and differential scanning calorimetry. An amorphous phase forms when the (Ti, Zr, Nb) content is between 20 and 60 at.%. In contrast, solid solutions of Cu and (Nb, Zr) phase dominate in the final product with (Ti, Zr, Nb) content of 10 and ≥70 at.%, respectively. All amorphous phases have a large supercooled liquid region of over 125 K, indicating a high thermal stability against crystallization. Miedema's model is used to calculate the glass-forming range in this multicomponent alloy system. The calculated region coincides well with the experimental results.

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