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Tahmasebinia, F. & Remennikov, A. (2008). Simulation of the reinforced concrete slabs under impact loading. In E. F.. Gad & B. Wong (Eds.), Australasian Structural Engineering Conference (ASEC) (p. [10]). Melbourne: The Meeting Planners.


Many older structures were designed for static loads but more recently there has been a growing awareness that some must be designed to resist both dynamic impact and static loads. An accidental impact load can be caused by mishaps in industry as well as accidents stemming from transportation or man-made disasters. There are number of ways of predicting how an impact load will affect a concrete slab, some of which may be impractical or expensive but because there have been significant developments in technology, numerical techniques rather than experimental approaches have become popular methods for developing detailed responses Therefore, to numerically examine reinforced concrete slabs subjected to impact load in order to better understand their behaviour, may be considered a cost effective matter.

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