Performance testing and hysteresis modeling of a position-feedback MR actuator



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Liu, B., Kosasih, P. B., Zhang, X. Z. & Li, W. H. 2007, ''Performance testing and hysteresis modeling of a position-feedback MR actuator'', in D. York, A. Fuchs, O. A. Graeve & F. Gordaninejad (eds), Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Electrorheological Fluids and Magnetorheological Suspensions 2006, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd, Singapore, pp. 779-785.


This paper presents the development and performance testing and modeling of a position-feedback MR actuator. The MR actuator, in disc-shape, composes of rotary shaft and plate, an electromagnetic coil, MR fluids, and casings. The working principle of the actuator was discussed and the transmitted torque equation was employed by using the Bingham plastic model. The optimal dimensions of the actuator were obtained by finite element analysis using COSMOSEMS package. Following the manufacturing and fabrication of the actuator prototype, the steady-state performance of the MR actuator was measured using a force gauge. The experimental results show that the actuator exhibit hysteresis behavior. A sub-hysteresis model was then proposed and the model parameters were identified using the experimental results. The comparison between experimental results and model-prediction value demonstrated that the model could accurately predict the steady-state performances of the MR actuator.

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