Spray-pyrolyzed silicon/disordered carbon nanocomposites for lithium-ion battery anodes



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Ng, S., Wang, J., Konstantinov, K. K., Wexler, D., Chew, S., Guo, Z. & Liu, H. K. (2007). Spray-pyrolyzed silicon/disordered carbon nanocomposites for lithium-ion battery anodes. Journal of Power Sources, 174 (2), 823-827.


A new and effective approach to prepare carbon-coated Si nanocomposites as high capacity anode materials for lithium-ion batteries with markedly improved electrochemical performance is described. Initially, nanosized Si particles (<100 >nm) were mixed with different concentrations of the carbon source precursor, citric acid in ethanol solution via ultrasonication. Spray pyrolysis of these mixtures at 400 Degrees C in air resulted in an amorphous carbon coating on the spherical Si nanoparticles. High-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) analysis confirms a homogeneous layer of amorphous carbon coating of 10 nm. These resultant nanocomposites show excellent cycling performance, especially when the disordered carbon (DC) content is above 50 wt.%. The 44Si/56DC nanocomposite shows the highest specific capacity retention of 1120 mAh g1 after 100 cycles. The carbon-coating on the nanocrystalline Si particles appears to be the main reason for the good cyclability, suggesting the excellent potential of these Si/DC-based nanocomposites for use as alternative anodes for lithium-ion batteries.

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