Slag Line Dissolution of MgO Refractory



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Nightingale, S. A., Chen, Y. & Brooks, G. (2005). Slag Line Dissolution of MgO Refractory. Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 44 (3), 323-330.


The high temperature dip technique has been used to investigate the corrosion of MgO refractory in SiO2-CaO-FeOx-MgO slag and Al2O3-SiO2-CaO-FeOx-MgO slag at 1530 °C. In both systems, significant slag line corrosion was observed and this corresponded to increasing MgO in the slag. There was significant evidence that a solid spinel phase had attached to the surface of the sample in the case of slag containing 20 wt% alumina. This type of corrosion is due to surface tension induced flow patterns at the refractory slag interface and a semi-empirical model of that phenomenon described the observed progression of corrosion with time for direct dissolution well. However, the model did not work well when indirect dissolution occurred.

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