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Jalalifar, H., Aziz, N. I. & Hadi, M. N. (2005). Rock and bolt properties and load transfer mechanism in ground reinforcement. 20th World Mining Congress 2005: Mining and Sustainable Development (pp. 629-635). Iran: Geological Survey of Iran.


Load transfer capacity and failure mechanism of a fully grouted bolt installed across joints in shear is evaluated in both experimental and numerical approaches in 5 types of bolts. The strength of the concrete, bolt profile configuration and bolt pretension load plays significant influence on the shear resistance, shear displacement and failure mechanism of the reinforced medium. Bolt yields at low level of loading at hinge points. Failure location moves towards the bolt joint intersection due to the increasing shear load, shear displacement and bolt pretension load. Finally bolt failure occurs as a result of the induced axial and shear stresses acting between hinge point distances at the vicinity of shear joint plane.

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