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This peer-reviewed conference paper was originally published as Kaewunruen, S and Remennikov, A, Nonlinear finite element modelling of railway prestressed concrete sleeper, in Proceedings of the 10th East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction, 3 - 5 August 2006, volume 4, Real Structures: Bridges and Tall Buildings, 323-328, Bangkok, Thailand: School of Engineering and Technology, Asia Institute of Technology. Original conference proceedings are available here.


Three-dimensional nonlinear finite element model of railway prestressed concrete sleeper has been developed in this study. The general purpose finite element package, ANSYS 10, is employed for the numerical analyses. Using SOLID65 solid element, the compressive crushing of concrete is facilitated using plasticity algorithm while the concrete cracking in tension zone is accommodated by the nonlinear material model. Since the section of concrete sleeper is fully prestressed by nature, the smeared crack analogy is impracticable. Discrete reinforcement modeling with truss elements, LINK8, is then more suitable to utilize. The pre-tensioning is modeled via an initial strain in the tendon elements. Perfect bonding between concrete and pre-stressing wires is assumed herein. Comparison with experimental load-deflection response is presented for the prestressed concrete sleeper. Convergence of both analytical and experimental results is showed.

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