Investigation of high strength steel for automotive roll-forming parts



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yan, p., Han, J., Jiang, Z., Li, H. Liu, L. (2011). Investigation of high strength steel for automotive roll-forming parts. In The International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 26-28 Dec 2009, Zhuhai, China. Advanced Materials Research, 189-193 3001-3006.


In recent years, the number of automobiles has been steadily increasing, which has significantly impacted on the society and human life, and led to many social problems such as fuel crisis, environment pollution. Therefore, lightweight designing becomes a focused issue. Lightweight materials application, optimized structure design and advanced manufacturing process are the main ways to achieve the lightweight. However, low plasticity and ductility of high strength steel constrain the application of high strength steel. In this paper, the basic principle of roll forming for automotive parts is investigated, and it is innovatively applied in the hot roll forming process of the ultra high strength steel.

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