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Ismail, M., Zhao, Y., Yu, X. B. Dou, S. X. (2011). Effect of different additives on the hydrogen storage properties of the MgH 2-LiAlH 4 destabilized system. RSC Advances, 1 (3), 408-414. >


The hydrogen storage properties of the MgH2-LiAlH4 (4 : 1) composite system with and withoutadditives were studied. 5 wt.% of TiF3, NbF5, NiF2, CrF2, YF3, TiCl3?1/3AlCl3, HfCl4, LaCl3, CeCl3,and NdCl3, respectively, was added to the MgH2-LiAlH4 (4 : 1) mixture, and their catalytic effect wasinvestigated. Temperature programmed desorption results show that addition of metal halides to theMgH2-LiAlH4 (4 : 1) composite system improves the onset desorption temperature. The hydrogendesorption properties of metal halide-doped MgH2-LiAlH4 (4 : 1) composites were also improved ascompared to the undoped MgH2-LiAlH4 (4 : 1) composite. Furthermore, the activation energy andthe change in enthalpy in the doped and undoped composite were measured by differential scanningcalorimetry. In addition, the reaction pathway of the MgH2-LiAlH4 (4 : 1) composite system and themechanisms that work in this composite during the de/re-hydrogenation process were determined byX-ray diffraction.>

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