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Gallardo-Alvarado, J., Alici, G. Rodriguez-Castro, R. (2012). A novel three degrees of freedom partially decoupled robot with linear actuators. Robotica, 30 (3), 467-475.


In this work, a new translational robot formed with two different parallel manipulators with a common control point is introduced. An asymmetric parallel manipulator provides three translational degrees of freedom to the proposed robot while the orientation of the end-effector platform is kept constant by means of a Delta-like manipulator. An exact solution is easily derived to solve the forward displacement analysis while a semi-closed form solution is available for solving the inverse displacement analysis. The infinitesimal kinematics of the robot is approached by applying the theory of screws. Finally, a numerical example that consists of solving the inverse/forward displacement analysis as well as the forward acceleration analysis of the end-effector platform is presented. The example also includes the computation of the workspace and the direct/inverse singularities of the example.

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