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Black, D. Aziz, N. (2011). Actions to improve coal seam gas drainage performance. In N. Aziz, B. kininmonth, J. Nemcik T. Ren (Eds.), 11th Underground Coal Operators' Conference (pp. 307-314). Wollongong Australia: University of Wollongong Printery.


Coal seam gas drainage is affected by many factors which may be generally divided into two groups, geological factors and operational factors. Studies conducted in the Bulli seam found geological factors had a dominant impact on coal seam gas drainage while operational factors had a secondary impact, affecting the amount of optimum gas drainage performance achieved within the limitations imposed by the prevailing geological conditions. Various operational factors, which are controllable by the mine operator and which have a significant impact on gas drainage effectiveness, are presented and recommendations made to improve and optimise gas drainage performance.

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