Multiferroic double-perovskite Bi2FeMnO6 hollow particles



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Du, Y., Cheng, Z. X., Zhao, H. Y., Kimura, H., Zhang, P., Guo, Z. P. Wang, X. L. (2011). Multiferroic double-perovskite Bi2FeMnO6 hollow particles. Current Applied Physics, 11 (3), s236-s239.


Double perovskite structured multiferroic Bi2FeMnO6 hollow particles have been fabricated on silicon substrates from a sol-gel precursor by an electrospray method. The as-prepared Bi2FeMnO6 polycrystalline samples are pure-phase, crystallizing in space group R3c. Raman spectra have verified the vibrational frequencies in the Bi2FeMnO6 samples. The Bi2FeMnO6 nano-/micron-sized hollow particles show a porous shell with large interior void. The shell thickness is ∼100 nm. The structure and morphology of the sample were found to be controlled by the deposition time. The formation mechanism can be explained by an Ostwald ripening − Kirkendall model. The temperature dependence of the magnetization curve (MT) and magnetic hysteresis loops indicate that Bi2FeMnO6 particles exhibit weak ferromagnetic moment at both low and room temperature.

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