Geotechnical Slope Analysis



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Chowdhury, R. N., Flentje, P. N. Bhattacharya, G. (2009). Geotechnical Slope Analysis. The Netherlands: CRC Press.


GEOTECHNICAL SLOPE ANALYSIS is an extended and revised edition of the original SlopeAnalysis (Chowdhury, Elsevier, 1978). This reference volume provides a critical and balancedoverview of the developments over the last three decades, related to understanding,modelling and assessment of the engineering performance of slopes. New chapters aredevoted to seismic effects, to probabilistic approaches and reliability analysis and to aregional case study concerning urban slope stability. The principles of both deterministic andprobabilistic analysis are illustrated by the inclusion of numerical examples. Frequentreference is made to important case histories. The increasing frequency and adverse impactsof natural and man-made hazards, such as landslides, are highlighted. There is also a briefintroduction to concepts and methods for assessing landslide susceptibility, hazard and risk.Moreover, attention is drawn to the relevance of geotechnical analysis of slopes in thecontext of challenges that might be posed by potential climate change scenarios. Theauthor advocates a multi-disciplinary approach for carrying out site-specific slopeassessment within the proper context of a regional study. Modern observational approaches,including methods and techniques for real-time monitoring of slope performance, are alsoemphasized. The unique perspective and philosophy of this book will benefit researchers,consultants, practitioners and senior students in civil, mining and geological engineering intheir professional practice and education.

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