Bolt surface configurations and load transfer mechanism



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Aziz, N., Jalaifar, H., Concalves, J. (2006). Bolt surface configurations and load transfer mechanism. In N. I. Aziz, W. Keilich (Eds.), 7th Underground Coal Operators Conference, Coal 2006 (pp. 236-244). Wollongong: Illawarra Branch, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.


A series of laboratory based push and pull tests were carried out to investigate how surface profile influence the load transfer mechanism of bolt/resin interface. Tests were carried out in both 75 mm and 150 mm long steel sleeves. Three types of bolts were examined, they were bolts most commonly used for strata reinforcements in underground coal mines in Australia. The bolts had near equal core diameter but of different profile configurations. The change in the length of the encapsulation sleeve was examined in light of the small number of profiles encapsulated effectively in short 75 mm long sleeves. The results showed that peak loads and displacements were directly related to the height and the spacing of the bolt surface profiles. Profile spacing appears to have greater influence on load transfer capacity than the profile height.

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Underground Coal Operators' Conference