Modelling of the effect of friction on cold strip rolling



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Jiang, Z., Xiong, S., Tieu, A. K. Wang, J. Q.. (2008). Modelling of the effect of friction on cold strip rolling. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 201 (1-3), 85-90.


Friction is the reason for the process of rolling to actually take place, and it plays an important role in determining the rolling mechanics and deformation distributions of the strip. At the interface between the roll and strip, friction has a significant influence on the dimensional accuracy and strip surface quality. This paper presents the modelling of cold strip rolling taking into account the friction along the strip rolling and transverse directions. A 3D rigid plastic finite element method considering slightly compressible material, and an influence function method were employed, respectively, to analyse the cold strip rolling, and simulation results show that the friction in both directions has a significant effect on the rolling mechanics, strip shape and profile. Variation of the transverse friction affects the strip edge drop, but the friction variation along the rolling direction may affect the central and edge buckles of the strip. The calculated rolling forces are in good agreement with the measured values.

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