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Zhang, C., Chen, L. Ma, Z. (2008). Orientation dependence of the optical spectra in graphene at high frequencies. Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics), 77 (24), 241402-1-241402-4.


On the basis of the Kubo formula we evaluated the optical conductivity of a graphene sheet. The fullbehavior of frequency as well as temperature dependence of the optical conductivity is presented.We show that the anisotropy of conductivity can be significantly enhanced at high frequencies. The photon absorption depends on the field polarization direction. At the frequency comparable to the maximum separation of upper and lower bands the photon-induced conduction of electrons is strongly suppressed if the polarization of field is along the zigzag direction. The corresponding optical conductivity is several orders of magnitude weaker than that when the light is polarizing along the armchair direction. We propose that the property of orientation selection of absorption in the graphene can be used as a basis for a high-frequency partial polarizer.

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