Electrochemical hydrogen storage in single walled carbon nanotube paper



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Guo, Z., Ng, S., Wang, J., Huang, Z., Liu, H., Too, C. Wallace, G. G. (2006). Electrochemical hydrogen storage in single walled carbon nanotube paper. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 6 (3), 713-718.


Single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) papers were successfully prepared by dispersing SWNTs in Triton X-100 solution, then filtered by PVDF membrane (0.22 μm pore size). The electrochemical behavior and the reversible hydrogen storage capacity of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) papers have been investigated in alkaline electrolytic solutions (6 N KOH) by cyclic voltammetry, linear micropolarization, and constant current charge/discharge measurements. The effect of thickness and the addition of carbon black on hydrogen adsorption/desorption were also investigated. It was found that the electrochemical charge–discharge mechanism occurring in SWNT paper electrodes is somewhere between that of carbon nanotubes (physical process) and that of metal hydride electrodes (chemical process), and consists of a charge-transfer reaction (Reduction/Oxidation) and a diffusion step (Diffusion).

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