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Jalalifar, H., Aziz, N. I. Hadi, M. N. (2005). Modelling shearing characteristics of reinforced concrete. Proceedings of the 6th International Congress on Global Construction: Ultimate Concrete Opportunities: Application of Codes, Design and Regulations (pp. 541-550). UK: Thomas Telford. Permission is granted by ICE Publishing to print one copy for personal use. Any other use of these PDF files is subject to reprint fees.


Numerical modeling represents the most versatile computational method for various engineering disciplines. Nowadays, numerical modelling is extensively used in civil and mining applications because of cost and risk problems associated with excessive field studies, particularly in ground control applications. In this study, the behaviour of shearing a fully grouted bolt with regard to assessing strata reinforcement (particularly in shearing) has been simulated. In addition, the effect of both different rock strength and different pretensioning levels with 3D numerical simulation are analysed. It was found that the strength of surrounding material contributed to the increased resistance of the installation and has reduced shear displacement; shear resistance increased with increasing bolt tensile load. Several laboratory tests were carried out in order to confirm the numerical results and the findings from the laboratory studies were found to be in agreement with modelling simulations.

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