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Farhoudi, J., Sadat-Helbar, S. Aziz, N. (2010). Pressure fluctuation around chute blocks of SAF stilling basins. Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 12 (2), 203-212.


Geometry of the chute blocks in stilling basins plays a significant role in size and type of these structures. One of the most influencing factors in the design of the blocks is the fluctuating pressure which may cause fatigue on the blocks. Despite investigations conducted by many researchers, there is not enough information about the pressure fluctuation around chute blocks in compacted stilling basins such as Saint Anthony Falls (SAF) basins. In this paper, the results of a naval experimental work and measurement of pressure fluctuations around chute blocks of SAF stilling basins are reported. The results show that the pressure fluctuations around the chute blocks cannot be overlooked in designing such structures. The variation of pressure fluctuation with Froude number of incoming supercritical flow at various faces of the chute block is reported, which shows an increasing trend of pressure fluctuation. It is also observed that the submergence of hydraulic jump will decreasingly affect the pressure fluctuations. The trend of variations will follow different patterns at the different faces of the block.

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